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Attendance Auto-Fill Function

1. Filling in the attendance

To fill in attendance hours according to scheduled changes, select Attendance from the menu
On this page, select Mass approval, which is located in the top bar (Figure 1)

Figure 1 Mass approval

Use filters to select the time range, project and employee.
Only one employee may be selected
Select the checkbox next to the employee name and click on Auto-Fill Attendance For Selected Employee button (Figure 2. 3)

Figure 2 Mass approval – Auto-Filling attendance for selected employee

Figure 3 - Mass approval - auto-filled attendance

2. Editing the attendance hours

To edit an employee's attendance hours, click on the arrow below the attendance you want to edit.
The attendance detail opens up, here you can edit information such as arrival, departure and activity times.
Click Save (Figure 4)

Figure 4 Mass Approval - Attendance detail

Note: Editing attendance hours should only be made after the automatic break is applied, otherwise they might not be applied correctly.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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