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Time Off Approvals

The Time Off approval process is very straight forward and starts with an employee submitting a Time Off Request. At the time of the request, the employee is shown their remaining balance for each type of leave. The balance reflects already approved and also requested (not yet approved) time off.

Summary of Time Offs

There is a Time Off calendar at the bottom part of the screen that shows absence requests from the team members on the employee's level, his/her manager and subordinates. It can be used to better coordinate time off planning in the team and to avoid overlapping requests with other team members.

The employee's manager is immediately notified by email upon submitting the request. Additionally, the task Approve Time Off appears on the manager's Dashboard To Do section.
The manager clicks the link in the email that opens the Time Off Request detail page. There are Approve and Decline buttons for taking the action. The Time Off calendar is again shown at the bottom for manager to see if there are any conflicting open or approved requests within his team.

The manager can also state the reason for declining the Time Off request.

An alternative way to reach the list of requested time off is by clicking the Time Off -> List of Time Off and select all requests with an open status.

A manager can view and approve only his employees requests while a HR Manager can view and approve the requests of all employees.

Upon the approval, the employee is notified by email about the Time Off Request status change. The history of the status changes is being kept for the employee or manager to see.

Note: If the request is declined, the number of days of the request is automatically added back to the employee balance.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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