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Create an Employee

1. Creating New Employee

Click on Employees to display the list of employees. Hover mouse on „ + “ and select Create New Employee.

Select Create New Employee

Fill in all the required data in the 4 sections – Personal information, Login information, Tracking type and Employee settings.

Checkbox Active needs to be ticked in, otherwise employee will not be visible in timesheets, reports and also it will not be possible to track his worked hours.

Time tracking and Attendance – there you need to select if employee will track time or attendance.

In the Organizational Unit, you need assign an employee to a unit. The Line manager of the unit in which the employee is assigned will be their direct Line manager. If the Manager changes, simply change the employee's assignment to the Organizational unit of the new manager, and the change will take effect immediately.

Boxes marked with an asterisk must be filled in.

Tick in the Notify Employee checkbox if you want to send notification with login and password to employee’s email.

Settings - Active, Org. unit and Notify employee

You can enable Mobile app by ticking in the Enable mobile app checkbox.

Enable Mobile App

Save after filling in.

2. Time Off Settings

You can set Time off settings by clicking on Time Off Settings in the left menu.

Time Off Settings

3. Work Calendar Settings

Select Work Calendar Settings, click on „ +New “ and select appropriate Work Calendar and Date since it is valid for employee.
If the employee has ticked in the Attendance checkbox in Employee Settings, he needs to have correctly set project and activity.

Work Caledar Settings

4. Employee Roles

Click on the Employee roles to set roles for employee.

If the employee is Line manager of org. unit, click on „ + “ and select specific org. unit and confirm by clicking on „ “.

Employee Roles Settings

Click on the icon „ bin “ for deleting the role.

Deleting Employee Role

Read more about employee settings.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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