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Organizational structure

1. Org. structure overview

- On the Home page, click Settings.
- You'll see the App settings page.
- Select Legal entities in the menu on the left and click on the tree icon to open the organizational structure detail (Figure 1)

Figure 1

2. Editing org. structure

To create a new org. unit, follow these steps:
Click the parent org. unit
Click on Add
Fill in the name and confirm by clicking on OK (Figure 2, 3)

Figure 2 Creating an org. unit

Figure 3 New org. unit

Click the org. unit to change its name or color. (Figure 4)
Color palette and the Drag&Drop function allow you to customize the structure during organizational changes in the company.

Figure 4 Change of color and name of org. structure

3. Deleting org. units

To delete an organizational unit, highlight the unit and click on the Delete button (Figure 5)

Figure 5 Deletion of org. structure

Note: An entity cannot be deleted if active or inactive employees are assigned to it, as well as if they are assigned a role associated with the unit.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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