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Tracking time with XperienceHR is done by using the timesheets. There are three different types of timesheets and these can be found in three different locations:

Daily Timesheet (Time Tracking)
Weekly Timesheet (Time Tracking)](/en/article/daily-weekly-timesheet-ikwz1f/)
Timesheets (Homepage)

Timesheets – located on the Home page – allows you to check your timesheet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

List of Timesheets

From this screen you can also amend your timesheet here before you submit it and your project/line manager submits it.

Click -> edit pencil (located beside the Status of timesheet)
You will then be able to edit the details you entered on a particular date
You can check on the status of your timesheet by using the dropdown option boxes located under TIMESHEETS
You can also search for a timesheet from a particular date using the calendar search option

Please Note: You can also edit these details via the Daily Timesheet and Weekly Timesheet feature as long as the timesheet is still open and not closed.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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