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Daily Timesheet

Your Time Tracking page allows you two options for tracking your working week. You can decide on tracking your hours using the daily timesheet or the weekly timesheet.

To set your Daily Timesheet up just do the following:

Current (date) is highlighted
Duration Select between Hrs and Min

Your daily timesheet also allows you to track your day through the timer option by doing the following:

Start beside Hrs/Min (Please note: only available on current day)
Label your work -> Project and Task drop down menus
$ = billable and can be switched on and off to show billable time (Time is only billable when $ is highlighted)
Note for Client & Internal Memo -> Example: "3 hours working on design"
Delete, Copy To, Move To

Copy To - duplicates your timesheet to other days
Move To - move your timesheet from one day to another

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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