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Mass Approval

In Mass Approval you can see overview of worked hours of your employees, edit the worked hours and Approve/Reject them.
You can filter your search to Client, Project, Employee and Time Range.

To apply your filter search, click the Find button. You will be able to see all worked hours.

The yellow colored ones are attendances which were entered with a warning. These are warnings you can encounter in Mass Approval:
Automatic Clock Out - Autologout was used to clock out employee
Clock in/out rounding not applied - When employee clocks outside the allowed rounding interval (as set in Work Calendar)
Automatic Break Not Applied - When it was not possible to log the automatic break.
Work outside shift hours - Created attendance is not in employee’s shift range
No work calendar for day - Employee doesn't have Work Calendar assigned
Incorrect Project or Activity - Logged Project or Activity doesn't match the one set in Work Calendar Assignment. This one is purple colored.

The red colored ones are attendances which were entered with an error. It can be:
Clock In/Out ignored - Attendance was manually edited or approved/rejected before employee's last clock-out
Timesheet closed - Timesheet for this period has already been closed and so new attendance cannot be added

To approve/reject worked hours check the appropriate boxes and select Approve/Reject Selected.
You can select all entries of one employee by checking the box next to his name.

Click the " " sign under the number of worked hours to reveal the particular attendance details.
If you would like to edit any time entry just click on the Edit or add a new time entry to an already created attendance by clicking on Add button. Fill out Time In, Time Out and worked Activity.
To hide the revealed attendance click on the " ^ " sign.
To add new attendance click on the " + " sign and fill out the form. Required fields are marked with "asterisk".

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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