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Create your own Rounding rules for Work Calendars or use the standard one (Adjust to shift).

Adjust to shift is the basic rounding type which rounds Clock INs or OUTs to the start or end of the shift respectively.
When used, this rounding type is applied only in intervals as set in Work Calendar -> Flexible IN/OUT.

To create your own Rounding rule click the + sign.
Give your new Rounding rule a unique Name and Code.

You can choose from 3 rounding types:

Standard = Select how many minutes you want to round Round to (mins) and what Method you want to use. Round method is the standard mathematical rounding rule. Up method will always round the minutes up, Down always down.
Custom = Give a specific time range of one hour (Minute from - Minute to) in which you want the time to be rounded to the exact time (Round to). You may add multiple intervals by clicking on + button.

After saving a Rounding rule you will be able to select it when creating a new Work Calendar.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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