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Settings Time Tracking

In this tab, you can find the master switch for Time Tracking feature. This means disabling Time Tracking feature here will disable it in entire XperienceHR.

You can turn the Time Tracking feature on/off, by clicking on the respective side of the switch and confirming your choice with the Save button.

Once you turn the Time Tracking feature on, you should adjust it to your company needs.


Time tracking method - From the drop down menu, you can select whether to use duration time tracking (you submit full duration of tracked task) or chronological time tracking (you submit start and end time of tracked task). There is also the possibility to let employees choose.

Daily sheet items - From the drop down menu, you can select a combination of items you wish to include in your company timesheet. These items will have to be filled in order to submit to the timesheet.

Disable billable flag - If checked, the billable flag will be disabled. This means, your employees will not be able to decide whether the task they are submitting is billable or not.

Forbid employees from editing time? - If checked, employees will not be able to set start and end time of tasks they want to submit, nor will they be able to edit already submitted tasks.

Allow extended time tracking -

Enable table overview of timesheets - If checked, table overview of timesheets in Home tab under Timesheets tab will be enabled. Checking this box will also show settings regarding this overview.
Range length - From the drop down menu, you can choose how long the shown time period will be. This option will be specified later.
Split range at - From the drop down menu, select when should range split. Note that this choice will affect and overrule the following option.
This field adapts based on your choice in A. Range length
If you choose Monthly or Weekly, C will be called First day and you will choose which day will mark the beginning of the monthly/weekly range.
If you chose Every ? days, C will be called Start day of one range and you will choose the day which will mark begging of your custom range.
Duration in days - This field is only available, if you chose Every ? days in A. Range length. Enter the number of days for your custom range.
Include ? previous ranges - Enter number of previous ranges which should be displayed in overview.
Include ? next ranges - Enter number of next ranges which should be displayed in overview.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click the Save button.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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